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Full names: Johannes Hendrikus van Loggerenberg

Author name: Johann van Loggerenberg

Published works (non-fiction):

  1. Rogue: The Inside Story of SARS's Elite Crime-busting Unit – Authors: Johann van Loggerenberg and Adrian Lackay - ISBN 9781868427406 – Jonathan Ball Publishers -2016 – 2 print editions – print and ebook versions. Summary: The story of a ‘rogue unit’ operating within the South African Revenue Service (SARS) became entrenched in the public mind following a succession of sensational reports published by the Sunday Times in 2014. The unit, the reports claimed, had carried out a series of illegal spook operations: they had spied on President Jacob Zuma, run a brothel, illegally bought spy ware and entered into unlawful tax settlements. In a plot of Machiavellian proportions, head of the elite crime‐busting unit Johann van Loggerenberg and many of SARS’s top management were forced to resign. Van Loggerenberg’s select team of investigators, with their impeccable track record of busting high‐level financial fraudsters and nailing tax criminals, lost not only their careers but also their reputations. Now, in this extraordinary account, they finally get to put the record straight and the rumours to rest: there was no ‘rogue unit’. The public had been deceived, seemingly by powers conspiring to capture SARS for their own ends. Shooting down the allegations he has faced one by one, Van Loggerenberg tells the story of what really happened inside SARS, revealing details of some of the unit’s actual investigations. Editor – Mark Ronan. 
  2. Death and Taxes: How SARS made hitmen, drug dealers & tax dodgers pay their dues – Author: Johann van Loggerenberg - ISBN 9781868428090 - Jonathan Ball Publishers -2018 – 2 print editions – print and ebook versions. Summary: Nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes – or so the saying goes. South African tax dodgers and criminals – from drug dealers and rhino horn smugglers to one of the hitmen who shot Brett Kebble – have come to realise this truth the hard way. Former tax sleuth and bestselling author of Rogue, Johann van Loggerenberg, was at the centre of several such high-profile SARS cases that spanned many years. He offers a riveting insider’s view on some of these cases, like the investigations into Dave King, Billy Rautenbach, Barry Tannenbaum, as well as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and others. Since the early days of democracy, a small but determined band of people at SARS who fulfilled various investigative functions came to know every trick and scam in the book, and developed the expertise on how best to hold tax dodgers to account. Their cases often dragged on for years, with many of the defendants using every legal trick to fight back – but SARS never gave up. Van Loggerenberg also revisits events around the hollowing out of the tax authority post-2014 and brings the reader up to date on the extraordinary occurrences at SARS since the new dawn of the Cyril Ramaphosa era. Editor – Tracey Hawthorne.

Future works (non-fiction):

  1. Working title in progress – manuscript in editing phase - Author: Johann van Loggerenberg – publication due 2019 – NB Publishers.
  2. Working title in progress in manuscript development phase Author: Johann van Loggerenbergpublication due 2020 - Jonathan Ball Publishers.
Apart of my published books, I collaborated with various media houses in analysing and researching the well-publicised so-called "Gupta leaks" which ultimately informed multiple articles published in several newspapers and by online news outlets.
In addition, a number of self-authored articles have been published online and in print news between 6 April 2016 to date. 

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