Charlotte Nyatanga-Chipangura

Membership Number: SAF03528

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Internet - Website and Blogging, Newspapers, Social Media, Television
Speciality:Academic, Columnist, Education, Health, Humanitarian, News
Profession:Broadcaster, Copyeditor, Copywriter, Journalist, Proofreader, Writer


Charlotte Nyatanga-Chipangura graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Postgraduate Diploma in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Zimbabwe. Thereafter, she worked briefly with the Federation of African Media Women in Zimbabwe, before joining the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as Current Affairs Procucer. Charlotte relocated to Johannesburg South Africa, where she studied for an Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies at Wits University. She had a brief stint with The Star Newspaper before moving to Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), where she became a freelance copywriter, proofreader, and weekly newspaper columnist.

In 2019, she graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in HIV and AIDS Management from Stellenbosch University. Though not selective, Charlotte is passionate about writing on disabilities and some of the stories she has written can be found here. Her passion for disabilities, which she feels are under-reported and under-supported by institutions, saw her attending the World Autism Conference in Houston, Texas in 2018. She also blogs about general human interest stories, but finds court reporting quite intriguing. Read some of her posts here.

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