David Papenfus

Membership Number: SAF03533

Contact Details

Company Name:clclick.biz - Web Design
Web Address:www.clclick.biz
Secondary Web Address:www.davidpapenfus.com
Province:Western Cape
Country:South Africa

Profession Details

Media:Internet - Website and Blogging
Speciality:Food, Science & Technology, Sports, Travel, Wildlife
Profession:Photographer, Project Manager, Videographer, Web Designer


Most of my working experience is IT contracting for blue-chip Investment Banks in places like London, New York, Zurich and Cape Town. I worked hard, it paid for my camera kit, and I got to travel all over the world.

Photography has always been my passion, and persisted while I was working for the corporates. In April 2016, after my last IT contract, I chose to make a complete break from the corporate world. I wanted to live a life where I'm developing my own personality, contributing to the world by being the best version of myself.

My approach to photography has evolved over the years, and I now specialise in fewer genres. My love for sport continues, along with wildlife and bits of wedding photography. I have a photo studio for specialist wine bottle and other product photography. I also do videography, but this isn't a primary focus.

I'm also a web designer. My creative mind, technical skills, organised approach and customer facing experience all fit together well. I like to deliver a top quality web design service, with a focus on building good quality, great looking and functional web sites. I have a client focussed approach, where my success is dependent on delivering a top notch service.

I receive at least 60% of my billable income from freelancing in media and communications.

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