Chantelle Louw

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Media:Books, Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Education, General, Legal, Profiles, Training
Profession:Copyeditor, Editor, Project Manager, Proofreader, Researcher, Trainer/Lecturer, Translator


I have a law / legal practice management background and have started freelancing in 2010 focusing primarily on writing and rewriting CVs, preparing candidates for interviews and recruitment registrations. In 2014 I have added editing, proofreading and translations to my business offerings.

For the past almost 5 years, I have been employed as a Project Manager, Editor/Proofreader and Lecturer at Stellenbosch University Faculty of Law (the “Faculty”). I joined the Faculty in 2014 as a Legal Writing Consultant (“Consultant”) where I conducted individual consultations with LLB students to discuss problems associated with their written work and conducted guest lectures and/or tutorials pertaining to writing skills development for the LLB writing intensive modules. I was subsequently also offered a contract as Copy Editor of the Stellenbosch Law Review, a triannually published legal academic journal, and Project Manager for the Financial Literacy Project. In addition, I have established The South African Journal of Legal Reasoning, Writing and Education, appointed an editorial board and committee and currently serves as Managing Editor for the journal. 

I currently focus on freelance editing, proofreading, translating and project management.

Prior to joining the Faculty, I spent 11 years in a corporate law environment, seven of which were at top-tier firms such as ENS Africa and Werksmans Incorporated. During my employ with these firms, I developed skills in drafting, editing, and proofreading legal process, agreements, opinions, correspondence and other legal documents and working in a fast-paced, attention to detail environment, while managing a commercial legal practice at Werksmans Incorporated.

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