Chantelle Louw

Membership Number: SAF03541

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Province:Western Cape

Profession Details

Media:Books, Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media, Public Relations
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Education, General, Legal, Profiles, Training
Profession:Copyeditor, Editor, Project Manager, Proofreader, Researcher, Trainer/Lecturer, Translator, Copywriter


I am a freelance editor, proofreader, copywriter, and researcher who has completed work (academic articles, manuscripts, research papers, dissertations, course material, module assessments, website content, white papers, case studies blog posts, etc.) for private and corporate clients, both local and international. I have worked across various industries including academia, law, engineering, information technology, corporate training, publishing and more.

Prior to embarking on a full-time freelance career, I have been employed as a Project Manager, Editor/Proofreader, and Lecturer at Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Law (the “Faculty”) on a fixed-term contract which expired in 2018. I joined the Faculty in 2014 as a Legal Writing Consultant (“Consultant”) where I conducted individual consultations with LLB students to discuss problems associated with their written work and conducted guest lectures and/or tutorials pertaining to writing skills development for the LLB writing-intensive modules. I furthermore proofread and edited course material, semester tests, research papers, and statements of facts as part of my daily responsibilities. I was promoted after 6 months in this role to Project Manager of the complete strategy and its related components. These included a contract as Copy Editor of the Stellenbosch Law Review, a triannually published legal academic journal, and Project Manager for the Financial Literacy Project. In addition, I have established The South African Journal of Legal Reasoning, Writing and Education, appointed an editorial board and committee and served as Managing Editor for the journal until 2018.

Prior to joining the Faculty, I spent 11 years in a legal environment, seven of which were at top-tier firms such as ENS Africa and Werksmans Incorporated. During my employ with these firms, I have developed skills in drafting, editing, and proofreading legal process, various agreements, opinions, correspondence, and other legal documents and working in a fast-paced, attention to detail environment, while managing a commercial legal practice at Werksmans Incorporated. 

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