Tanya Bester

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Province:Gauteng (South)

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Media:Radio, Advertising, Books, Newspapers, Internet - Website and Blogging, Public Relations, Consumer Magazines, Films, Television, Voice artists, Social Media
Speciality:General, Travel, Health, Consumer issues, Environment, Humanitarian, Wildlife, Academic, Education, Humour, Columnist, Culture, Food, Profiles, Fiction, Science & Technology, Training, Television, Voice Artist
Profession:Broadcaster, Copyeditor, Copywriter, Indexer, Journalist, Photographer, Photojournalist, Powerpoint Designer, Proofreader, Researcher, Script Writer, Social Media Expert, Subeditor, Trainer/Lecturer, Transcriptionist, Translator, Writer


I am a young communications specialist, with a particular knack for English and Afrikaans literature. I am competent in fashioning creative communications for reporting, blogging and entertainment purposes -with ample knowledge on how to genuinely appeal to a modern-day audience. I have a good grasp of digital and print communications. I keep up to date with current social media trends and suited writing styles appropriate for each medium.

I have two years' professional experience in community journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Science.

To date, I have had exposure to independent conducting of interviews and factual research, as well as converting information into legible, ethical and logical reports. I have also developed my personal photographic skill set to a professional level.

I am innately playful and free-spirited, but remain responsible and loyal towards my professional commitments.

Other freelance and temporary experiences of mine include promotional modelling and social media management. I also thoroughly enjoyed a brand ambassador role in a six-month educational roadshow, my main responsibility having been to deliver oral presentations to sizable audiences.

I am particularly passionate about contributing towards, and encouraging, ethical behaviour and quality of life -for humans, the natural environment and for animals, especially. I am striving towards a career in the wildlife industry. My ideal role eventually being to promote and preserve the unspoiled beauty of natural landscapes and exquisite wildlife that South Africa so proudly boasts.

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