Membership Number: SAF04054

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Secondary Web Address:na
Province:Gauteng (South)

Profession Details

Media:Advertising, Books, Public Relations, Trade Publications
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Culture, Fiction, General
Profession:Copyeditor, Proofreader, Writer


Patrice is a budding 45 year old Zimbabwean freelance copy editor/proofreader. He is a formally employed person engaged in freelancing, an activity for which he is building a brand. Patrice holds a Diploma in Management from a recognized university, an NQF 6 course certificate from UNISA but nothing in media or journalism. He does however, hold a Cambridge GCSE Advanced Level certificate with a B grade in English Literature and is both passionate and highly fluent in English. He dabbles in poetry, prose and is currently researching material for a novel.

 Patrice has done paid proofreading for academic purposes on behalf of individuals and for companies i.e. annual reports, pamphlets, and business reports. He is currently available for engagement as a proofreader/ copy editor with a flexible work schedule. 

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