Morgan Morris

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Province:Western Cape

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Media:Books, Films, Public Relations
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Health, Science & Technology
Profession:Journalist, Photographer, TV/Video/Film Producer, Videographer


Morgan Morris has worked as a writer & photographer for nigh on 25 years. (He lost track of the years once he ran out of fingers & toes on which to add up the numbers. Fortunately he still has all his digits.) While not trained as a scientist, he somehow fell in love with science writing after, in his teens, reading Tim Noakes' 'Lore of Running' (probably the first edition) over numerous bus trips. (We had a functioning public transport system back then) His infatuation became grown-up love when he later read 'Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos'. Also, because he didn't understand business, he did a major in economics (along with Shakespeare et al) while studying at the University of Cape Town in the 1990s. Morgan worked at UCT for longer than he cares to remember, while dabbling in freelance science & business writing. 

More recently, Morgan - at age 52 - started his MA in documentary arts at UCT. This has allowed him to pursue his lifelong love for filmmaking, his one true calling, he believes. He's currently still trying to complete his thesis film, in which he will tell the story of a former anti-apartheid activist, now community activist, and the youth she sacrificed. 

Over the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, Morgan co-authored a number of mainstream articles with a coronavirologist, whom he is hoping to convince to, together, write a book on the topic.

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