Melanie Cornelius

Membership Number: SAF04823

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Secondary Web
Province:Western Cape

Profession Details

Media:Advertising, Books, Consumer Magazines, Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media
Speciality:Business/Finance, Environment, Food, General, Travel, Wildlife
Profession:Copywriter, Photographer, Social Media Expert


Melanie is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa and has always been part of the corporate world, involved in Finance, HR and Supply Chain Management. After 14 years with a bit of life-changing persuasion, she decided to venture out on her own and decided to turn her passion for photography, into a full-time photography career. She is both a Commercial Business Photographer as well as a Social Media Manager. Melanie has completed her studies in Business Management, Photography and Social Media and Marketing. With her knowledge and creativity, she is able to offer clients valuable social media content, visual aesthetics and an all-around insightful business service.

When Melanie is not assisting her clients, she loves capturing moments in time and creating pieces of art from behind her camera. She has been featured on the morning espresso show, been published and exhibited both locally and internationally and has found a harmonious balance between the two different aspects of her photography.

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