Cynthia (known as Cyndi) Gilbey

Membership Number: SAF05201

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Province:Eastern Cape

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Media:Internet - Website and Blogging, Social Media
Speciality:Academic, Business/Finance, Education, Science & Technology, Training
Profession:Editor, Photographer, Powerpoint Designer, Trainer/Lecturer, Transcriptionist, Writer


With over 30 years experience working for a large corporate in the Information and Communication Technology sector and having a BTech Human Resources degree, I have a wealth of knowledge to share on facilitating numerous courses including softskills, systems, and some technical aspects of the technical communications environment.  In addition I create videos of learning for use on a learning management system. I am also a competent courseware designer including designing courseware for both unit standard aligned courses and non-aligned courses.  My interest in photography and videography has allowed me to create my own images and videos for use in courseware.

After being retrenched in 2016, I used my knowledge of soft skills to being a life coach and have offered these services to people of all ages facing various challenges.  I combined this with qualifying as an NBI (Neethlings Brain Instrument) practitioner and offer this assessment to complement life coaching.

I also work as a freelance transcriber.  As a touch typist with a high typing speed and great listening skills I enjoy transcription work and find it can be very stimulating.

I have a lovely home office on the periphery of our home where my husband works as a house husband and my son perpares to study for his masters in psychology.  

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