Frederick Charles Fripp

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Media:Consumer Magazines, Internet - Website and Blogging, Newspapers, Public Relations
Speciality:Columnist, General, News, Science & Technology, Television
Profession:Copywriter, Editor, Journalist, Subeditor, Writer



After graduating from college with a Diploma in Journalism, Charlie started his career as a motoring correspondent for a community newspaper in South Africa. Required to cover hard news and entertainment in addition to test driving the latest vehicles, he developed a niche for entertainment writing – which set him on his current career path.

Relocating to different community newspaper, Charlie was tasked with covering all aspects from within the community. This included reporting on sports events, music festivals, local crime and community-based gatherings. Developing a keen eye for photography, Charlie was soon appointed as the Chief Photographer for a lifestyle and fashion magazine within the same publishing stable.

Exploring career opportunities, Charlie transitioned to full-time entertainment writing for a South African website. Here he was tasked with reporting on international entertainment news, reviewing music albums and films, conducting interviews with international musicians and actors, and reviewing consumer technology.

Unfortunately, the website went into liquidation. With an established reputation in technology journalism, this subsequently led to Charlie being appointed the Consumer Tech Editor for a Pan-Africa IT and Business website.

During his tenure he was also appointed to simultaneously serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the website’s print magazine.

The website and magazine eventually encountered several financial obstacles, leaving Charlie to seek other employment.
Growing on his reputation, he was offered the position of general journalist and News Editor for the third-largest consumer technology website in South Africa.

He remained at the website until a Pan-African broadcaster and video-on-demand service offered him the position of Digital Editor to oversee all website, blog and marketing material for the esports and entertainment department.

The broadcaster incurred massive financial losses, and two years later closed its doors. Before the exit clauses were even finalised, Charlie was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief in the South African office of Opera News.

Current freelance work

While the global pandemic sweeping across the globe, Charlie has ventured into freelance writing - producing copy for an international entertainement news website, serving as a freelance copywriter for a content company, as well as being offered freelance writing positions at two US news websites. 

In the past Charlie has also produced freelance copy for The Africa Report, AskMen and an online gaming magazine.

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