Clive Lotter

Membership Number: SAF00739

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Province:Gauteng (South)
Country:South Africa

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Media:Trade Publications, Public Relations
Speciality:Business/Finance, Columnist, Environment, Financial, General, Politics, Science & Technology, Humanitarian, Legal, News, Profiles
Profession:Copywriter, Editor, Writer


In earlier years Clive Lotter was an airline steward, trade unionist and owner of his own restaurant/pub. Selling this business freed him to become what he always wanted to be - a professional writer.

Clive took the unusual step of going freelance from the outset and steadily worked his way into the advertising and marketing sector as a general copywriter who wrote just about anything asked. He entered the corporate reporting environment more by happenstance than intention in 1997. To his surprise, he realised that he rather enjoyed this “long copy” writing and the challenge of getting to the essence of what makes companies tick.

Over the past 21 years Clive has written or edited innumerable annual reports for corporations in every sector of industry. He relishes the research and interaction leading up to understanding exactly what each company is about. He then takes to the keyboard as the ‘story teller’ who must weave the words and numbers  - in clear and concise language – into the message the company needs to impart in its annual review, as well as its strategy and future viability.

In 2011 Clive decided to specialise in integrated reporting and corporate sustainability. Clive believes that an integrated and sustainability reports should be a powerful strategic tool – helping a company to articulate its vision, targets and achievements, refocus its efforts and activities and engage the right stakeholders in the process.

Clive is respected as a thought leader in current corporate reporting and offers an end-to-end advisory and writing service for authentic and clear corporate reports.

He is also known as an expert crafter of business proposals and tenders that more often than not clinch the deal. In this role he often participates in multi-nation project teams that interface between global investors and national governments.

For variation, Clive still writes punchy website content and columns on topics close to his heart.


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