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The Southern African Freelancers' Association

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The Southern African Freelancers' Association

The Southern African Freelancers' Association

Where media professionals and their clients gather to build a better freelance industry.

About Safrea

The Southern African Freelancers' Association supports, promotes and advocates for freelance workers in the media and communications fields. We offer resources, tools, training and networking events to develop the careers of our members, who range from students to seasoned freelancers.

Safrea has supported freelancers throughout Southern Africa since 1999, with over 500 members in South Africa and beyond. We offer members rich resources and training materials, as well as providing a likeminded community of creatives and much more.

As in the media and communications fields the world over, freelancers are the backbone of this region’s industry. With budgets for full-time staff declining, much of the expertise resides in the freelance community. Clients overseas are increasingly benefitting from Southern African freelancers, who speak natural English, enjoy world-class educational institutions and upskilling courses, and have experience of global working practices.


Connect with a network of experienced freelancers, share insights and experiences and build friendships – online and off.

Establish a Presence

Safrea’s Freelancer Database connects employers with the talent in our membership. Commissioning editors and anyone with media or communications requirements can search for specific skills or simply browse the network.


We host freelance events across South Africa ranging from coffee mornings to panel discussions.


Job Listings

Members get access to the latest freelance openings and opportunities via our Jobs Board and Jobs Email.



Safrea members get exclusive perks including a lively Google forum, a media card, a monthly newsletter and a blog packed with media tips and tricks.

Search by Specialty

Search Safrea's database of over 500 media freelancers for the skills and speciality that suit your project’s needs.

Seasoned Pros

Safrea’s 500-plus members have thousands of years of collective experience in disciplines from photojournalism to social media content.


Exclusive workshops, webinars and discounts on industry training courses help members refresh and expand their skillsets.

Work with our Freelancers

Search Safrea's Freelancer Database to find the talent you need, or post jobs directly to our members.

What Our Members Say...

“Joining Safrea was without a doubt the one step that helped me grow my freelance business into a successful enterprise."

Helen Ueckermann

"As a creative, I benefit from unparalleled member support and development in the form of training and tools and resources that I need to survive and remain relevant while pursuing my passion."

Anthony Jongwe

"Service is quick, knowledge encyclopaedic, and the willingness to help is a major reason why Safrea works as well as it does"

Roxanne Reid

“Safrea has helped me to keep up with my role as a freelancer and continue to make an income through freelance activities,"

Tshehla Lesiba Gift

"I’ve worked as a freelance journalist in a few countries and have never come across anything like Safrea before. For freelancers all over Southern Africa, it’s a lifeline that staves off isolation."

James Bainbridge

"I have found the online group interesting to watch and have gained value from much of the participation from members over the years"

Liz Dewing

"Safrea​ deserves eloquent praise. My favourite benefit of membership is the inspirational glow of sharing fellow Safreans' achievements in the weekly 'Wednesday brag' posts on the Safrea Facebook page and members-only Google forum"

Marina Pearson

"I've learnt more in the past two years than I could ever imagine. With the guidance of Safrea and its amazing community, my career has grown tremendously. The highlight was getting connected to a huge opportunity through another Safrea member."

Nonku Nxumalo-Moselesele

Nonku Nxumalo-Moselesele