If you have decided on the type of membership that’s right for you, please read the following​ advice on the application process before filling in the online application form below.

If you are unsure of which membership type to choose, please email admin@safrea.co.za. We'll advise you which category is the most appropriate based on your freelance career or aspirations. Alternatively, apply as an Associate member and ask for clarification when you fill in the biography field in the application form.

Apart from student applicants, you will be asked to send examples of your work and also advise two trade references. Since Safrea is a professional association, this is a condition of membership application. To be fair to all, no exceptions are made for anyone.

When you submit your online application form, you will receive an automated email to confirm that your application is in progress. If we need further information from you, we will email within a few days to ask for specific documents or details.

Once we have received any additional information, it will take one to two weeks for our membership committee to review your application, check your credentials and give approval. Waiting times vary depending on the workload of the committee members, all of whom are volunteers.

Safrea will evaluate all membership applications for compliance with its mandate, vision and mission and in line with membership criteria as revised from time to time. Safrea has the right to approve or reject such applications.

Membership fees are payable immediately once your acceptance as a member has been advised. You will receive an automated email providing details of how and what to pay. Full payment of fees upon acceptance is preferred, but we do offer payment options up to a maximum of 10 payments of R50. Membership will be put on hold during this period if a payment is missed.

When fees have been received, you will receive a further automated email providing details of your membership benefits and how to login and access them. You will also receive notification of your Safrea Google group membership and will begin to receive members-only emails.

Make the Most of Membership

Take the following steps as soon as your application is approved to unlock the full potential of Safrea membership.


Google Group

Most members receive automatic access to the members-only e-group. You will start to receive emails from the group as soon as your payment has been processed. If you prefer, you can choose to receive a daily digest of emails or you can read the messages on the Google group website.


Profile on Website

Members (other than Provisional Members, who are inexperienced and new to media) are entitled to a listing in the member directory on this website, which can be searched by name, area and fields of work. This is searchable by any visitor to the Safrea website, so you should complete your profile and use it to sell yourself.


Media Card

You may request a printable version and print the card yourself. To enable us to create your Safrea media card, you will need to upload a portrait-style photograph to your profile on the Safrea website. The media card shows your full name, your membership type and your membership expiry date, as well as your headshot and the Safrea logo. For a small extra charge, we also produce professional plastic cards and post them to members on annual basis.


The Chronicle

The Safrea Chronicle is a place where members of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association showcase their talents, while providing interesting, entertaining and thought provoking content for readers and viewers. Click here to subscribe.



Safrea offers all paid-up members discounted access to media and other training courses run by Safreans across South Africa and in diverse disciplines. Look out for updates on the latest workshops and webinars available or email us for more information.



Check our events page for details of upcoming panel discussions, coffee mornings, evening gatherings, group outings, webinars and other meet-ups organised by your local branch of Safrea.



Experienced Safreans make themselves available to mentor new Safreans in different ways: via the Google group, informally via email or phone, in person or on an ongoing basis as part of a longer relationship. The details depend on both mentor and protégée and are agreed between them. If you would like to make yourself available as a mentor in your discipline, or if you would like to add yourself to the list of potential protégées, please email us.

To apply for membership, please complete our online application form. If you have further questions about our membership types or need any help completing your application, please email us at admin@safrea.co.za.