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Membership of Safrea is open to any freelance media professional in Southern Africa who specialises in the gathering and dissemination of news, information and/or images. Southern Africa is defined as the 16 Sub-Saharan nations in SADC (Southern African Development Community), including South Africa. Members may work in the print, electronic or digital field, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, business reports, radio, television, digital platforms and social media.

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Freelancing is for those who enjoy independence. So why join an organisation? Safrea offers career-building resources and community connections for media freelancers who want a more dynamic work life. Read more.

Membership Types & Rates

Safrea is open to all freelancers working in media and communications, ranging from photojournalists to translators. What type of membership is best for you, and how much does it cost? Read more.

Want to be a Journalist?

If you have an inclination toward a career in journalism, you might have some questions on your mind, such as: how do you get started? How much money can you make? And what does a journalist do exactly? Read more.

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Safrea’s 500-plus members include:

  • journalists
  • fiction and non-fiction authors
  • photographers
  • photojournalists
  • graphic designers
  • illustrators
  • translators
  • editors, subeditors and copyeditors
  • transcribers
  • proofreaders
  • researchers
  • broadcasters
  • project managers
  • web designers
  • content specialists
  • social media specialists
  • DTP experts
  • voice-over artists
  • scriptwriters
  • indexers