Safrea Leadership Member:

Gareth Griffiths

Oversight Committee – Convenor

Gareth Griffiths, the second honorary full member of Safrea, is a longstanding member of the organisation. He’s been a Regional Committee member, Exco, national chairperson and a member of the Oversight Committee for at least four seasons over an 8-year period. He chaired this committee as its elected convenor for three seasons.

Gareth is a graduate in physical sciences. He worked in product development, sales support, technology, corporate affairs and marketing for a large multi-national. He has been operating as an independent contractor since 1995 with a special interest in the green economy.

He is a published writer and photographer and is the editor in chief of To Build magazine and has been a contributing editor to the SA Building Review and the author of a photography column in the community press. He also writes special features for Business Day and Sunday Times, where specialist knowledge is required.