Safrea is a voluntary, non-profit and public benefit association for professional freelancers in Southern Africa. All applicants are vetted before being awarded membership of the association.

Safrea publishes the profiles of its members on this website. The purpose of the members directory is to help establish contact between those who need and those who offer professional media or communication services. Safrea itself does not provide, supervise or manage professional services for the clients of its members.

While Safrea endeavours to establish and encourage best practice guidelines for independent media professionals in Southern Africa, it does not act as a legal entity on behalf of either its members or the entities utilising the services of its members.

The association does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of any individual members. Accordingly, Safrea will not participate in dispute resolutions regarding disagreements between members and their clients. In cases of non-payment for work that a member can prove has been commissioned and delivered within the agreed terms, we will bring pressure to bear on the defaulting client.

Safrea encourages anyone engaging a Safrea member to inform us of any behaviour or incident that may be constituted as unethical or unprofessional. The association will investigate all such complaints internally, but reserves the right to decide whether or not to communicate its acts or conclusions as a result thereof.