Tweriod is a tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by telling you the best time to tweet to reach your audience. The service does this by zeroing in on the performance of your last 200 tweets, your followers’ tweets, and the tweets of the people you follow to generate detailed reports.

These reports come in a neat package, clearly breaking down the times when your account gets the most exposure by weekends, weekdays and specific days of the week. They even include an hourly breakdown of your followers’ activity.

What you have to do is pinpoint who is who in your Twitter zoo, and create content that these followers want to read.

The only thing missing from Tweriod is an integrated scheduling tool, which would allow you to maximise on all this data. It does, however, push users to Buffer, which can manage scheduling for you.

The free version of Tweriod is limited to an analysis of only 1,000 of your followers, and only lets you generate a report once a month. The premium version, which costs about $5.00 per month, gets you more up-to-date data and analysis for up to 5,000 followers.

While Tweriod can’t tell us how to write better tweets – it can tell us when to get our tweets read, which is half the battle anyway.