Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Vision and mission

Safrea's vision is to advance the interests of independent professionals in the media and communications industry.

Its mission is to be the association of choice for independent media and communications professionals.

Safrea’s aims and objectives are to:

  • Promote the interests of freelance media professionals in the published written, visual, information technology, broadcast and creative media fields of endeavour.
  • Foster solidarity and excellence among freelancers and to promote cooperation in all matters of common concern.
  • Stimulate professional standards and ethical conduct in both freelancers and employers.
  • Provide information that will assist freelancers to negotiate suitable payments and contracts.
  • Provide a forum for the dissemination of information useful to freelancers and prospective clients.
  • Serve as the collective voice of freelance media professionals, in the first instance for the southern African region, and for regions and interests that the Association decides to represent.
  • Form alliances with organisations and agencies that can advance the interests of freelance media professionals.


Members of Safrea undertake to the following Code of Ethics and Conduct:

Southern African Freelancers’ Association
Members’ Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
of July 2023

All members of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (Safrea) agree and ascribe to the following Code of Ethics and Conduct:

Members’ Ethics:

Members of Safrea undertake to:

  1. Produce quality work and accept full accountability for it.
    Refrain from misrepresenting or exaggerating their qualifications or experience.
  2. Not accept any work knowingly that is beyond their ability and if work is subcontracted, take personal responsibility for the final quality of the work and, where possible, subcontract to third parties who are also members of Safrea.
  3. Not knowingly produce any work intended for unlawful, dishonest, or unethical purposes.
  4. Adhere to deadlines and communicate with clients timeously should problems arise in meeting deadlines.
  5. Treat all client information in confidence and disclose any conflicts of interest.
  6. Respect the rights of all owners or authorised licensees of copyright.
  7. Conduct themselves in a manner that engenders respect for Safrea and media professionalism.
  8. Act collegially by sharing knowledge and experience; this includes refraining from negative statements about colleagues and/or defamation of character.
  9. Endeavour to actively pursue professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise, staying abreast of industry trends and best practices.
  10. Attempt, in good faith, to resolve among themselves any dispute arising from their professional interactions.
  11. Be guided in negotiating remuneration by the principle of fairness and refrain from charging excessively low or high rates, or deliberately undercutting other freelancers. This does not preclude offering services free to a friend (pro amico) or for a good cause (pro bono).
  12. Comply with Safrea’s constitution and directives from its office bearers regarding Safrea matters.
  13. Adhere to Safrea’s Google Group etiquette (‘netiquette’) when utilising Safrea’s members-only group forum, website, and social media platforms.
  14. Apply the same netiquette to their postings on Safrea forums or website and any other website or social media platform regarding Safrea.
Members’ Conduct:

All Safrea members undertake to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Professionalism and Ethical Conduct:
    1. Members shall always conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, upholding the values and reputation of Safrea.
    2. Members shall adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and professional standards applicable to their respective fields of expertise, including but not limited to industry standards, tax laws, intellectual property rights, and data protection laws.
    3. Members shall handle personal data and sensitive information in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.
    4. Members shall respect the confidentiality of clients, colleagues, and Safrea internal matters. Information shared within the association or during the course of business shall be treated as confidential unless explicit consent has been obtained to make it public.
  2. Respectful Interpersonal Relationships:
    1. Members shall treat all individuals with respect, dignity, and fairness, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.
    2. Members shall refrain from engaging in any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying, including but not limited to offensive comments, derogatory remarks, bullying behaviour, promoting hate speech, abusive or dismissive gestures, or actions.
    3. Members shall foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, valuing and celebrating different perspectives and promoting equal opportunities for all.
    4. Members shall not act in a manner that may be considered antagonistic or provocative towards another member.
    5. All interactions among members, in person or on any online forum, must be civil, respectful, and cordial. Interactional behaviours such as but not limited to: shouting, all caps typing, speaking over each other, and gossip/slander are not permitted among safrea members.
    6. Should any offence by or objection to a member’s behaviour arise, the responsible member shall be expected to act in a manner that fosters a resolution of conflict, including retracting the offensive statement and/or offering an apology, and be willing to partake in a disciplinary hearing if the matter cannot be resolved interpersonally.
  3. Conflict Resolution:
    1. Members shall strive to resolve conflicts and disagreements in a constructive and respectful manner, promoting open communication and understanding.
    2. Members shall attempt to resolve conflicts directly with the individuals involved before escalating the matter to higher levels of authority within Safrea (the regional committees and executive committees).
    3. Members shall only seek mediation or assistance from Safrea leadership, if necessary, to facilitate resolution in cases where direct resolution proves difficult.
    4. The leadership of Safrea is not obliged to resolve interpersonal conflicts arising between members of the organisation should the conflict not directly relate to Safrea.
    5. Safrea or the leadership of Safrea will not be held liable for any legal disputes between members that do not directly relate to Safrea as an organisation.
  4. Collaboration and Cooperation:
    1. Members shall encourage collaboration and cooperation among Safrea members, promoting an environment of mutual support and knowledge- sharing.
    2. Members shall respect the intellectual property and proprietary rights of others, seeking permission before using or sharing their work, ideas, or materials.
    3. Members shall refrain from engaging in any behaviour that may harm the reputation or interests of Safrea or its members.
  5. Integrity and Professional Conduct:
    1. Members shall maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in their professional activities and business dealings.
    2. Members shall disclose any conflicts of interest that may arise in their interactions with clients, colleagues, or fellow Safrea members.
  6. Compliance and Accountability:
    1. Members shall comply with the Safrea constitution, all policies, guidelines, and decisions of Safrea, as well as any applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    2. Members shall accept responsibility for their actions and be accountable for any violations of the Code of Conduct.
    3. Members shall take responsibility for their actions, both within Safrea and in their professional engagements.
    4. Members shall be open to feedback and constructive criticism and shall address any concerns or complaints promptly and professionally.
    5. Members shall cooperate with any investigation into alleged violations of the Code of Conduct, maintaining confidentiality as required, and providing truthful and accurate information.

Breaches of the Code of Ethics and Conduct

Should a member breach this Code of Conduct, the Safrea Executive Committee (Exco), or a panel mandated by it, shall decide on appropriate action in terms of the Safrea Constitution and disciplinary protocols.

Members who violate this Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to warnings, suspension, or termination of Safrea membership.

Safrea shall provide a fair and impartial process to investigate reported violations of the Code of Conduct, respecting the principles of natural justice.


This Code is not intended as a stand-alone policy and should be used in conjunction with Safrea’s constitution, netiquette and other approved protocols.