Search Safrea’s database of over 500 industry-leading media professionals, working in disciplines from journalism to project management, and located across Southern Africa from Cape Town to Harare.

Hiring Safreans offers reassurance that you’re working with the cream of the media crop. We vet our members when they apply to join Safrea, and we ensure they stay up to date with the latest research, training and industry trends.

Safrea’s highly respected members contribute content and services to the most recognisable media brands in South Africa and beyond, from Media24 to the UK Guardian. Our members include renowned novelists, familiar TV faces, social media personalities, bold graphic designers and journalists with daily print bylines. Equally important, there are the behind-the-scenes professionals who bring the same dedication and integrity to their work, including copyeditors, indexers, researchers and WordPress gurus.

Our freelancers have long benefitted from globalisation, as savvy spenders from London to LA realise they can have their cake and eat it with world-class quality at favourable exchange rates. This gives Safrea members up-to-date experience of international clients, trends and working practices, as well as the professionalism expected in the world’s media powerhouses.