Message from Advocacy – September 2023

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Message from the Exco

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Message from the Exco

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Safrea's Advocacy Framework

The beacon for freelancer rights

“We’ve created an Advocacy Framework and incorporated it into Safrea’s business strategy. This crucial step will ensure that advocacy remains at the heart of Safrea as the beacon for freelancer rights. The framework is the plan that outlines our value proposition for key stakeholders such as government and businesses. It is the compass that charts our course,” said Lionel Krieger, recently elected head of Advocacy on Safrea’s Exco.

Lionel has made significant progress in his short tenure of a few months on Safrea’s Exco. “Our roadmap is outlined in the Advocacy Framework – guiding our engagement with government, business, and partner entities. We aim to present a strong case to all our stakeholders – promoting a more equitable and thriving freelance landscape.”

Creating a conducive work environment
“Advocacy is crucial in supporting freelancers to create a conducive work environment. Freelancing helps to break down barriers to employment and promotes inclusivity, especially in developing nations like South Africa. This transformation, however, requires a united voice. Safrea provides a platform for this united voice to be heard, aligned with its aspiration to be the premier freelance community. Safrea also nurtures relationships with local and global freelance communities to strengthen this collective voice.”

Collaboration is key
“Advocacy should be a tangible perk of Safea membership. Each freelance discipline has its unique challenges that can be addressed through policy and lobbying. At Safrea, we encourage collaboration, capitalising on our affiliations with partner organisations to support our members.”

Calling on members
“I urge all freelancers passionate about shaping an inclusive and thriving freelance community to reach out to me. If you’re keen to volunteer and hone your leadership skills, let’s work together and make a difference.”

The value of being a Safrean
“I value the power of collaboration that Safrea offers. It facilitates networking among peers facing similar challenges, promoting collaborative solutions. I also find Safrea’s resources, training opportunities and webinars invaluable. The benefits far outweigh the membership fee.”

More about Lionel
Based in Cape Town, Lionel has been associated with Safrea for a year. He started his journey in digital marketing as an SEO specialist in 2016 at a boutique agency. Although the Covid-19 pandemic presented him with challenges such as balancing work and childcare, it also gave him the opportunity to start freelancing in 2020. “When people returned to traditional workspaces, I chose to retain flexibility and contribute meaningfully on my terms. I now offer a suite of services to enhance online visibility for businesses, encompassing keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, technical SEO, and Google Ads. My primary goal is to drive tangible business growth.”