Message from the Chair – November 2022

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Message from the Exco

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Dear Safreans,

I said in my last newsletter that you are the heart of Safrea. We have sent out our survey and you responded. Thank you for your feedback. The majority is somewhat satisfied with what Safrea offers; a fair majority hopes for training in social media management and branding / marketing; most of you are prepared to pay for training; and most of you are likely to refer Safrea to a colleague or friend. This is useful in guiding our actions.

Safrea represents a range of freelancers which brings with it many opportunities. In my short time as chairperson, I have had the opportunity to meet different professional freelancers, each with something unique to offer and an openness to engage. I feel encouraged and excited about broadening Safrea’s reach.

As freelancers in the communications and media space, we share a vision to be heard and seen, and to be valued for our expertise. From photographers to graphic designers, social media experts to writers, audio-visual professionals to journalists, translators to editors, and everything in between, we have a large network at our fingertips and many opportunities to collaborate, right within our reach.

I’ve taken this a step further – you should have seen a vodcast series starting with Alexis Grewan, chairperson of the Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG). We have also signed an MOU with the South African Screen Federation (SASFED). SASFED is the national federation of independent film, television, and audio-visual content industry organisations. Visit the link below to see all the organisations we are in collaboration with We believe that collaboration is about compassion, support, kindness, and the power we gain when we share and lean on each other. We truly hope this also advances our respective aims and sets the scene for what it means to belong to professional organisations. In this manner we can grow together and take as much as possible from what professional membership has to offer.

As I said at the start, you are the heart of Safrea and our heart keeps beating, strong and steady. Remember that our professional collaboration happens at each and every turn. We have heard you and will continue to make sure you know that.

Yours in freelancing,
Whitemore Masudi Ngwira,Chairman