Message from the Chair – September 2022

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Message from the Exco

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Dear Safreans,

I am honoured, excited and ready to work with you as the newly elected Chairperson of Safrea. The new Exco and I are not here to serve our selfish interests, but to serve the members of Safrea. We have lots of work to do and goals to achieve – and we are eager to start working towards that future. I intend us to achieve the following:

  • Increased membership by reaching out to more freelancers in the film, television and audio-visual content industry; videographers, film/tv editors and sound engineers. I plan to engage SASFED (South African Screen Federation) whose members represent 10 film/tv guilds. As a SASFED council member, active in many guilds and associations both in- and outside South Africa, I believe I can bring more members from this industry to Safrea.
  • Increased SADC membership – as a freelance multimedia creative that works in many SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries, I intend to push for increased membership in these countries.
  • Digital marketing strategy – I want to add audio visual elements to the current strategy to make it more impactful. They convey more information, are more eye-catching, and more engaging than static images. I want us to start video Master Classes on Safrea’s YouTube channel.
  • Legal support by engaging with LASA (Lawyers for the Arts South Africa) to give legal help to our members.
  • Achiever awards – I want us to establish awards to celebrate the great talent and commitment to excellence in Safrea. This initiative would hold many benefits for our members.

I believe we can achieve our goals by all working together. Let’s get it done Safreans – now is the time to overcome the obstacles and deliver!

Whitemore Ngwira, Chairperson