What are Safrea’s benefits to you?

What are Safrea’s benefits to you?

What are Safrea’s benefits to you?

What are Safrea’s benefits to you?

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Message from the Exco, News & Events

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Do you need a refresher on Safrea’s benefits to you as a member? Let’s go back to the basics. The purpose of Safrea is to promote the interests of members who are freelance media and communications professionals in the written, visual, information technology, broadcast and creative media spheres. Our highest aspiration is to be the freelance community of choice in the media and communications industry.


The key benefits include:

  • Exposure – Members’ profiles feature prominently on the website to promote their services.
  • Resources – Regularly updated, rich resources and material are available in the members-only section on the website.
  • Interaction – A vibrant and supportive e-group ensures daily online interaction with other members.
  • Collaboration – Support via an extensive network of experienced freelancers on matters such as handling clients, rates, contracts, tax, legal matters, dealing with work overload, opportunities for collaboration, getting through quiet times, how to market and grow the business, etc.
  • Benchmarking rates – Safrea’s South African Freelance Media Industry Rates Report is a valuable benchmarking tool based on fresh research, helping freelancers to determine market related rates.


Other benefits:

  • Code of conduct
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Social media exposure
  • A media card provides accreditation to attend events, obtain interviews, etc.


Safrea has alliances with the following organisations to enhance its offering to you:

  • ASAIB (Association of Southern African Indexers & Bibliographers)
  • PEAR (Professional Evaluation and Research)
  • PEG (Professional Editors’ Guild)
  • SAGA (South African Guild of Actors)
  • SAPP (South African Professional Photographers)
  • SASFED (South African Screen Federation)
  • SASJA (South African Science Journalists’ Association)
  • SATI (South African Translators Institute)


Visit our website to experience more of Safrea at www.safrea.co.za