Keep it simple. Big words make people hate you

by | Apr 8, 2022 | News & Events

by | Apr 8, 2022 | News & Events

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Copy that is too much, too little or too hard. These are the three biggest communication errors, according to Dr Cindé Greyling, a communication specialist from Bloemfontein. She addressed freelancers on the basics of good communication at the year’s first workshop in the Free State region.

“There are three golden rules when it comes to copy – it must be enough, effortless, and easy to read. Using big words will make people hate you,” she said.

What the FUC do you want to say?

Decide the reason for your communication and create your message accordingly. Do you want to establish your brand through:

  • Familiarity by communicating a message over and over? Or do you want to create
  • Understanding through humour or telling a story? Alternatively, do you want to establish
  • Curiosity?

Once you’ve created your text, it is important to read it out loud, wait three minutes and then read it again. Hearing how your text sounds will help you to provide your client with copy that flows.

Dr Greyling learned these valuable communication tips through years of experience. These tips are applicable to most communication platforms – whether it be a social media post, the marketing of an event or service or the writing of an article.

The team did practical exercises to demonstrate the importance of using simple words to deliver effective communication.